Thursday, January 04, 2007

-What are the elements of a patent application?

5 elements

Elements of a Patent
A patent application consists of five elements:

I)A declaration that attests to the fact that you are the true inventor. It is like swearing that you did not copy the invention from someone else.

II)Filing fee.

III)All drawings -- if drawings help explain the invention. The drawings do not have to be perfectly executed, initially. They should, however, show all of the parts of the invention, because nothing can be added later. The drawings must be perfected at the time the PTO decides to grant a patent.

IV)Written specifications -- a description of the invention, referencing the drawings, such that someone skilled in the art can understand what it is, how it works, how it is assembled, and what its attributes are.

V)At the end of the specification are the claims -- the legal part of the patent. They specifically define what the improvement is. The claims are the basis for your suit for infringement if ever you need that resort. The suit cannot be based on the drawings or the description. The claims are the legal part.

The Patent and Trademark Office also requires the submission of copies of any other patents or relevant published materials similar to or related to your invention. But the application itself consists of only the five elements above.


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